Stanzione 87 specializes in wood fired Neapolitan pizza. We are the originals, trying our best to improve pizza in our beautiful city. We take pride in bringing the great tradition of traditional pizza making to Miami, Fl. Stanzione 87 pays attention to details as we believe that the details make up the product. Even our Margherita which may be thought of as the simplest pizza is never disregarded. First, using "00" 5 Stagioni flour we ferment our dough for a minimum of 72 hours top it off with San Marzano tomatoes hailing from Mt. Vesuvious, organic basil, extra virgin olive oil and our homemade mozzarella. Every pizza at Stanzione 87 is cooked in our Stefano Ferrara oven hailing from Naples, Italy this beauty is handmade by a family that has been crafting ovens for over 150 years. The quality of our ingredients, our speciality equipment, and our expert technique all help us serve our neighborhood what we believe is the best pizza in the city.